This doesn’t technically qualify as an interlude—what was there to interrupt?—but ah, who cares.
You acquire an item: pompadour'd puppy



I’ve been thinking about this blog recently. Writing up my runs tends to double the time it takes to play my turns; it’s been hard to keep going non-stop from the end of September, and these days I find I have time to either write about my turns or actually play them. Obviously, in this situation, I would much rather play them. I don’t feel particularly bad about putting this blog on indefinite hiatus: in the first place, I hardly get any traffic, as is to be expected; in the second place, I feel it’s done what it was meant to do. This blog served as a record of my experience of BM. I’m glad it was here, and it’s time to move on.
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Yesterday I finished my DitR run at 5/1020. To be honest, this was far, far worse than what I wanted to reach.
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5/1020. Summary:

  • Completed war quest
  • Completed NS quest
  • Collected bounty

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More messing around, wasting time. Summary:

  • Got DD item
  • Started the war
  • Complete MacGuffin quest
  • Got digital key

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Epic fail. Summary:

  • Unlocked Hidden Temple
  • Unlocked Haunted Ballroom
  • Got chef-in-the-box
  • Got bartender-in-the-box
  • Got pirate outfit
  • Completed Cyrpt quest
  • Got mining outfit
  • Unlocked Dungeons of Doom
  • Got wand
  • Completed trapper’s quest
  • Completed Cap’m Caronch quest
  • Completed Orc Chasm quest
  • Completed Giant Trash Quest
  • Unlocked Hole in the Sky
  • Farmed star equipment

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Not the best banking day, but it’ll do. Summary:

  • Got Filthy Hippy Disguise
  • Completed Friars’ quest
  • Got DD item
  • Got Liver of Steel
  • Complete Cobb’s Knob quest
  • Got KGE outfit

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